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Information Security Architecture

In this program participants will learn how to create and validate an information security architecture (ISA) that will promote interoperability with the physical, administrative/operational, and technical aspects of security. Review how to implement an ISA that will interact with the business drivers and information processes of the organization and that will protect its network infrastructure. Understand guidelines and leading practices that link all of the necessary security controls to a combination of design, baseline administrative controls, business drivers, legal requirements, and threat scenarios. Working through case studies and real-world solution examples, program particpants will focus on the advanced concepts and components that need to be known to design, build and implement an effective information security architecture.

Key points include:

  • Standards, Criteria, Specifications and Protocols
  • Information Security Architecture Elements including: distributed policy, authentication, perimeter security, access control and authorization, encryption, directory and database, toolkits and middleware, messaging and wireless, risk assessment and audit, incident response, and more
  • Creating and Validating the Architecture
  • Vendor Security Solutions
  • Case Study: Network Infrastructure Architecture and ISA
  • Case Study: Web Business Application Architecture and ISA
  • Case Study: ISA Steps




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