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InfoCore, Inc. and Elenchus Services, Ltd., expand secure B2B and B2C consulting services offerings for worldwide customers by forming the InfoCore Group to provide
focused services to global clients in the US and Europe

March 15, 2001 - InfoCore, Inc. of Highland, Utah USA and Elenchus Services, Ltd. of Buckinghamshire, UK have announced the formation of the InfoCore Group that will provide expanded secure business to business and business to customer consulting services offerings for global clients in the US and Europe. The InfoCore Group expects to utilize concepts from the widely known and used security standard -- the ISO 17799 -- and techniques and solution approaches from the Black Forest Group's -- 15 Top Level Security Points for Global Electronic Commerce -- to uniquely address the information technology and security concerns and issues that global companies face in using Public Key Infrastructure and related technology solutions to store, process, transmit and deliver the electronic information that is at the core of their businesses.

InfoCore, Inc. has grown during the past six years with the help of affiliate and associate companies -- see www.info-core.com for a list of the affiliates and associates -- to offer end user, vendor advisory and training consulting services to companies worldwide. "Noted for the successful 'Building a Global Enterprise Security Architecture™' (BEGSA™) and 'Secure Electronic Communications Infrastructure™' (SECI™) consulting programs and industry efforts, InfoCore and the affiliate and associate consulting groups have provided world class security consulting services to security, audit and IT professionals in Fortune 1000 companies and the banking, insurance, electric utility, energy, government, education and health care industries," said, Carl F. Allen, President of InfoCore, Inc. "We are excited to begin working with Elenchus Services Limited and form the InfoCore Group to assist existing and new global customers and deliver the security consulting services required for their company to utilize current and future information technology infrastructure solutions in their business processes."

Elenchus Services Limited was formed 3 years ago to provide an independent service to businesses seeking to implement advanced systems, with a significant emphasis on secure systems. The founder of the company, Bruce Graham, has a wealth of experience in both the product vendor and Systems Integrator arenas, having worked at a senior level for major US and UK companies. Additionally, he has been a consumer, having been responsible for the definition, procurement and implementation of large systems within UK government. Elenchus Services seeks to ensure that all clients are provided with advice that is timely, relevant and directly related to the overall business needs and not just the technology that may be available at any time.

The company works with a number of associates and affiliates to ensure that the best expertise is always brought to bear on a particular problem. "I am delighted that the long-standing but informal relationship with InfoCore, Inc is now moving forward to a new level," said Bruce Graham. "The merits of making available the skills and experience of our US affiliates will be significant and I anticipate that the value of European experiences and initiatives will provide a most useful dimension to project activities in the US. The InfoCore Group offers a win- in scenario on both sides of the Atlantic."



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