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MiCTA Members Benefit From InfoCore
As Security Services and Solutions Provider

Online Training and Education Courses Offered as
First Service to Help MiCTA Members Establish
Policies and Procedures, Identify IT Vulnerabilities,
and Protect Organizational Assets

Mt. Pleasant, MI., December 9, 2002 - MiCTA Services Corporation (MSC) announces the InfoCore, Inc. (InfoCore) Vendor Alliance Agreement to offer a broad set of security services to MiCTA members. "MSC is pleased to have a nationally recognized IT services and systems solutions company offer high quality and very affordable security services to MiCTA members," said John Rathje, President of MSC.

InfoCore in partnership with the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) will offer as the first service to MiCTA members, a portfolio of online training and education courses. These online courses are tailored to assist businesses and organizations establish policies and procedures and identify potential risks and threats to organizational physical, operational, and information assets. Currently, more than 40 online courses provide all levels of management and human resources professionals with program guidelines and tactics specifically related to business issues and IT processes. This information is designed to assist with the establishment of organizational policy for IT infrastructure and web environments and with the development of the procedures for guarding against tampering or theft of proprietary information and systems.

Many organizations today (education and health care, for instance) rely heavily on electronic collaboration and wireless technology. Thus they are more vulnerable to sabotage, theft and altering of electronic information than in the traditional "brick-and-mortar" environment. To assist management and human resources staff recognize potential issues and make educated business decisions to address them, InfoCore/NCMS will offer online courses, incorporating materials from nationally recognized subject matter experts and research from such credible experts as Purdue University's Center for Education and Research Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS) - the world's foremost university center for multidisciplinary research and education in information security and assurance.

"It is our job to act as a barometer and anticipate business needs. By identifying potential issues before they become problems, we're able to develop course material to help organizations guard against what could be devastating breeches of security," said John Sheridan, Executive Director of the InfraGard Manufacturing Industry Association (IMIA). "NCMS established the IMIA as part of the FBI's InfraGard public-private partnership to equip manufacturers and their supply chain partners with important communications, education and collaborative project services to help assure the security of critical business information and infrastructures. We have learned that manufacturers tend to be a mirror of other North American organizations and the challenges that businesses face in these areas," says Sheridan.

The online courses, which range from $50 to $300 each, are designed to provide immediate access to specific information on such topics as achieving competitive advantage using IT, wireless network security, biometrics, HIPAA and GLB compliance, enterprise security, disaster recovery and planning, privacy, and corporate identity fraud.

"Unlike many existing classes and conventional training material, this portfolio of online training and education courses delivers MiCTA members affordable, yet concise, information on very specific and relevant business and IT security issues facing MiCTA member organizations and the leading practices and remedies to consider," said Carl F. Allen, President of InfoCore. Also, according to Allen, "Rather than attending time-consuming seminars or sifting through volumes of text to extract pertinent information, MiCTA members can perform highly compressed problem solving and planning immediately for their organizations using the tips and advice offered by subject matter experts in the online courses, whenever the need arises, at their own pace and do so economically."

Multiple course offerings fall under a broad range of categories including:
· Essential Principles of Security
· IT Security Components
· Integrating Security Across the Enterprise
· Privacy in Concert with Government Regulations
· Critical Incident Management
· SAFE™: Security Awareness Fundamentals & Education.



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