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Securing Electronic Business

From banking to healthcare, government to education, manufacturing to transportation, organizations are increasingly using the Internet and other forms of electronic communications for the exchange and distribution of information to conduct and transact business with customers, partners and suppliers. One of the most widely perceived and in fact real risks of using the "Net" are security, privacy and trust issues. Business, IT, security and audit professionals are now being required by customers, shareholders, regulators, and industry leading practices to assume a proactive role in the implementation of business processes and IT solutions to reduce risk and to manage and protectin electronic information.

This consulting program has been developed to provide a forum to discuss and examine the busienss and IT strategies needed to minimize and reduce risk and enable organizations to conduct, transmit and transact vital and critical electronic business to succeed. In addition, the program furnishes business, IT, security, and audit professionals with methods, techniques and examples of tools used to provide the security, audit and control framework for electronic information.

Program agenda:

  • Forms of E-communication in Business
  • Risks Using the Net
  • Security, Privacy and Trust Issues
  • Implementing Business Processes and IT Solutions
  • Business and IT Strategies to Reduce Risk
  • Methods, Techniques and Tools to Suceed




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